We would like to encourage you to come out on Wednesday nights to youth service. This is not just a youth class, but also a youth service. This where we invite the Holy Spirit to come in be with us through worship, praise, & the sermon, delivered to you by Youth Pastor, Michael Laxson. There are many different areas of our youth service, where you can be comfortable and love the Lord. Michael is the main contact for anything you may be interested in; because we all want to see others draw closer to God & fulfill His will in their life. Cutting Edge Youth Ministries are the youth of Clanton Church of God. We pride ourselves on being a family that sticks together and is always there for one another. It is our heart's desire to treat every new comer as family. It takes love and unity to make it through the difficulties that we face each and every day. Together in Christ, we cannot just be over-comers, but family in the house of the most high God.